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Hasee?! Its the brand of the laptop issued in my college under Government of Tamil Nadu Laptop Computer Scheme. Everyone started looking at the brand name when the laptop was issued. Well most of us (including me) have not heard it before. But its one of the largest manufacturers in China. Remember LG, Samsung, Hyundai are also from Korea. Even Apple products are manufactured in China, Japan and Korea. After checking the specification, its quite good. But these people made it to look bad with the boot screen and BOSS. Let’s tweak it to look like brand new laptop.

1. Change Boot Screen

The boot screen or the splash screen is what we see when we turn on the machine, like the logos of hp and dell, we see “Government of Tamil Nadu … “.  It can be easily changed without any coding or hard work.

  • Press F2 while you see the boot screen – “Government of Tamil Nadu”. If you are lazy it will go to Select OS screen, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to reboot
  • It will get you to the BIOS settings. Go to “Boot” menu
  • Disable “Quiet Boot”
  • Press F4 and select Yes – Save changes and exit

Use arrow keys to navigate and Enter key to change values. If you want to see the boot screen for some time, Go to BIOS settings>Boot menu, change the value in Setup Prompt Timeout.

Update: It depends upon BIOS. This article is in reference to Intel Motherboard and American Megatrends Inc BIOS (Version 4.6.5 dated 1/15/2013).

2. Delete BOSS

Its developed in India few years ago. I don’t know what is helpful in it when ubuntu, fedora and others are competing in linux world. Deleting BOSS will give you 100GB space in Windows OS. But you should take care while doing it, otherwise Windows will not boot.

There are lot of guides available in Internet for doing this. Delete linux partition from windows and make WIndows as default boot. You need windows recovery disk or other tools for that. Check how do to it here

I am not responsible for any damages you make.I made it successful using windows recovery disc with no command prompt (console and codes).

3. Activate Microsoft Office

The product key for microsoft office is in COA label under your laptop. In the start menu, select microsoft office 2010 and choose Activate, enter the office key. It will activate Student version, most office applications are available in this version.

Once activated, you can uninstall (only) “Microsoft Office 2010 click to Run”.  It will remove the local disk Q. Do not uninstall “Microsoft office 2010”


4. Install AntiVirus Software

Install Good AntiVirus and update it often.

You might already cleared the stickers from the lid. Don’t forget to check comment section. Your question might be already answered.


Comments on: "Tweaking Hasee (Tamil Nadu Laptop Scheme)" (134)

  1. Hi sir recently i chnged os in my hasee laptop …and my laptop basescore is 1 hw to incrse it ,..sme video is nt clr after chng the os b4 change the os video is clr so wat i shld 2 do nw help me

  2. recently i got india tamilnadu govt laptop scheme. now i need bios password. i want to change os so kindly help me

  3. Chinna thambi said:

    Service centre details pls sent me

  4. i have goverment hasee laptop. how to identify my windows 7 product key. pls tell me about that briefly…

    • ambharish said:

      hey you can see product key by right clicking mycomputer and click properties you can find it in the bottom 🙂

  5. i have hasee gov lap. my monitor is faulty one from the day one screen not working properly some times only working i using another monitor by connecting vga cable. . . do u know where is the hasee service center for government laptop

  6. Ravikumar said:

    HI all some one plz help how do i run games on my TN governments Hasee laptop which doesn’t have Graphics card, can i instal one if i can than which 1 would be feasible plz help

    • ambharish said:

      hi i have installed nfs 2012 it worked perfectly without any fault ! but soon the keyboard keys will be faulty if u use always for gaming 🙂

  7. Thank you For this. Really Help full for me.

  8. hi ji my govt hasee laptop to run video or game doesn’t play perfectly that means struck pls help me recover that problem..

  9. My laptop display is full to clear this problem.

  10. Hello,

    I am not able to connect it to network, inserting lan cable but cant detect, i knw that cd drive, wifi is not there in laptop but what about lan cable and nor i can connect to usb wireless adaptor its not letting me install or anything.

    Which ethernet adaptor it has got and network card is there in the system or its just usb.



  11. thanks for sharing the valuable information

  12. ambharish said:

    yes ofcorzz , if u start computer you would see “windows 7 and boss that is linux ” you should press the button it will be between F1 to F9 you can see it in the same screen just go through the screen .insert your usb and enable usb start up boot ! 🙂

  13. pls help meh to install new os on my hasee laptop 😦

  14. i am using Tamilnadu government hasee laptop it has some hardware problem,so please tel me service center number in chennai or adress

  15. i change my os as win8 pro on hasee notebook .whenever i using my lap it does not work more than 15minutes there aftr no response .how to solve this problem.

  16. Is there any way to upgrade hasee graphics card?

  17. Anonymous said:


    I have hasee lap top if I press L key 3 is coming I dont know why

    Anybody can help me Please

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